A group of young children is sitting on the floor listening to a teacher reading a book. Sitting next to her is a single child.

Should My Blind Child Go to a Blind School?

If you have read my previous entries, you will know that I went to a specialist school for the blind from nursery up until college. So in this post, I will be talking about education regarding visually impaired children. One of the questions I get asked by parents of visually impaired children is ‘Should myRead more

A man dressed in black is trailing a wall. A white cane is in his left hand and his face is an expression of mock confusion. next to him, are the white text; 'HELP ME'

I’m a Blind Guy Traveling All by Myself, Please HELP

I’m a constant traveller and a ten-year patron of Transport For London, and I see things on my travels that I would like to share. And yes, just for authenticity sake, I am writing this as I’m sitting on a tube going towards work. I will be talking primarily about public transport; in particular, howRead more

a young Matt Murdock from Daredevil touching his father's face

Dear Media, Your Portrayal of Blind People Is Wrong

With the media playing such a large part in our lives, from television to books and now the Internet, nothing says ‘you’ too are a part of today’s society more than when you see yourself portrayed in mainstream media, right? A heart-warming story of a blind person regaining sight, an inspirational article of a blind person’sRead more

A group of friends huddled together, smiling

The Relationship Dynamics of People with Blindness

Admittedly, I have had very little sighted interaction throughout my childhood as I went to a visually impaired school. I socialized primarily with family members; therefore, for a long time, I believed that the superstitious spew coming from my relatives was true. ‘In your previous life you must have done badly, so this time aroundRead more

An Apple Watch with a Mickey Mouse watchface on wrist

The Apple Watch Series 1 Review

Slightly late to the party, but I got a chance to use and test out the first generation of the Apple Watchh, courtesy to the RSBC. I have written for their website, learn how the watch helps you at work. This is the first Apple Watch that came out in 2015, not the upgraded seriesRead more