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Use your Raspberry Pi as a Torrent Downloader

Ahhhhhh Torrents. For a lot of people, it’s a pirate’s dream, get the latest movies, music and software for absolutely free! But because you’re on my blog and I don’t condone such naughty business… Torrents are also a great way to share files from one computer to another. 😉 It is especially great for downloadingRead more

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Access your Raspberry Pi Files on Windows Explorer

I’m often told that navigating in Linux isn’t the most straightforward of tasks, and typing out commands isn’t as easy as dragging and dropping. If only I could access my Raspberry Pi’s files on my Windows computer… Well good news you can! with a program like SAMBA, you can access your Raspberry Pi’s files fromRead more

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Is it Accessible? | an accessibility technology Podcast for Blind Listeners

Hello hello, and welcome to the ‘Is It Accessible?’ podcast. Hosted by me, Alex Man, this is an informal show where I ramble on about the tech and gadgets in my life that has helped me; and who knows, it may help you too!   I like to keep my podcast interactive, so if youRead more

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Basic Linux Navigation and Commands for Raspberry Pi

Navigating the Raspberry Pi’s interface and knowing the commands can be quite daunting, it is very different to using arrows, hotkeys and mouse clicks on Windows; but no worries, I am here to hopefully clear it up! This guide is for the Raspberry Pi, but it should work for other Linux platforms.   Basic LinuxRead more

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Take your First Bite of the Raspberry Pi

Welcome to my very first post on all the fun things we are going to do with the Raspberry Pi! If you don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is, it’s basically a very small computer, about the size of a credit card that you can have on all the time as it consumes very littleRead more

A hand holds a hot coral colored Monzo card. On top of the card in neon green are the texts 'Accessible Banking of the Future'

Financial Technology is Changing Banking for Visually Impaired People

Accessible banking for visually impaired people is still relatively new, but a lot of our high street banks are embracing it, making the banking experience a lot more accessible, with banks such as RBS and Barclays providing their visually impaired customers with high-vis and tactile cards. Apart from the cards themselves, other features such asRead more

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Seeing AI – A Free OCR App for the Blind

A few months ago, I wrote a review for RSBC on the Lens App, a free OCR app from Microsoft that allows you to take a picture of text and have it read back. Despite the positive feedback and how it offers a free alternative to paid OCR apps, it was still rather fiddley andRead more

A group of young children is sitting on the floor listening to a teacher reading a book. Sitting next to her is a single child.

Should My Blind Child Go to a Blind School?

If you have read my previous entries, you will know that I went to a specialist school for the blind from nursery up until college. So in this post, I will be talking about education regarding visually impaired children. One of the questions I get asked by parents of visually impaired children is ‘Should myRead more

A man dressed in black is trailing a wall. A white cane is in his left hand and his face is an expression of mock confusion. next to him, are the white text; 'HELP ME'

I’m a Blind Guy Traveling All by Myself, Please HELP

I’m a constant traveller and a ten-year patron of Transport For London, and I see things on my travels that I would like to share. And yes, just for authenticity sake, I am writing this as I’m sitting on a tube going towards work. I will be talking primarily about public transport; in particular, howRead more

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What Is Click Bait?

This isRead more