About the Website

Launched in 2016, this website was originally here to provide support to vision impaired readers by a series of anecdotes full of irony that they could relate to. It also featured a few tutorials and reviews on accessible technology.
It was then I noticed that my site was attracting sighted readers as well. People were reaching out to me to learn more about blindness.
I decided to remake the site, make it visually pleasing, yet accessible to screen readers. This new site is for both sighted and visually impaired, where I try to dispel the misconception of blindness. I will feature assistive tech, but also mainstream technology as well.

About me, Alex Man

I was born with Glaucoma, an eye condition which meant that I had an unstable eye pressure, resulting in a damaged optic nerve.
I had quite a bit of working vision, but it steadily deteriorated over the years.
I live in London, where I study and work. I have a background in I.T, Creative Writing and Marketing. I love to read crime thrillers, play a bit of competitive Pokémon, and follow the latest advancement on tech gadgets and services.


You can ask me a question as well!

How much can you see?

Not a lot, maybe about 2 steps ahead of me. It really depends though; lighting, size, colours, they all play a major part on how much I could see; this is my right eye. On my left, I only have light perception.
I can’t see any physical print, unless it was blown up insanely large, and I mean 1 word taking up a whole monitor screen large.

Why do you like technology so much?

Apart from me being lazy,  there are many reasons why; but I think the main one is that it allows me to access information seamlessly, things I couldn’t normally access with my visual impairment, it’s a fantastic medium!

Man, is that really your last name? You mean Mann right?

Yes man, Man is really my name. Growing up with it merited some teasing, “Alex Woman” hur hur hur; but I gotten used to it, plus I think it’s unusually cool! No, it’s ‘Man’ not ‘Mann’, it’s a Chinese surname, double ‘n’ is normally from places like Germany and Ireland. My man (文) means culture, literature and refined; which probably explains my love of writing!

Ur websight have murstakes will u fix it?

If it ever gets that bad, feel free to shut me down! Saying that, I know I’m not the greatest of spellers, but I do try to proofread before publishing anything on here. If anything is grammatically wrong, I will appreciate if you let me know, and I will fix.

Can we work together?

Sure, I collaborate with other people all the time, on different types of projects, just get in touch and we can talk about it.

Do you have any tips for me if I want to create a blog as well?

Competition, hell no!
In all seriousness, Think about what you want from it, what content will you blog about? Who will be your readers? I know these are common questions, but it’s true, for me I knew my site was for both blind and sighted readers; so I had to make it visually pleasing but accessible as well. How much money and time are you willing to spend on it? My site took me months to create and cost a fair penny. I suggest you should create the content before you even create as site, you don’t want a website with no content, especially if you’re paying for hosting and all that jazz. Write a few posts on your computer, share it with friends so they can give you feedback.
This is what I did before I
launched this site.

I want to know more about you, can I?

Certainly! You can add me on any of my social media sites, or contact me, just ask!