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If you can’t make a donation, no problem!
You can help me out by using my affiliates’ links and referral codes as I get some perks for inviting new people to these services. A lot of the time it will benefit you as well, so it’s a win win for both of us!


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. From designing logos and videos, to producing music and recording voiceovers.
I love using them if I need something like a logo or picture made, as I suck at visual designs for obvious reasons.
The best bit is that it’s super affordable, you don’t need to pay hundreds for someone to design a graphic, you can get it done as cheap as $5!
Sign up using my invite, and you even get that $5 off!


Curve (UK only)

Are you like me and have enough debit and credit cards to form a deck of playing cards? Even if you don’t have 52, 3 or 4 is more than enough.

Here is a card to rule them all!

Curve combine all your cards together into one, so all you need to do is bring 1 card out with you. You can pick which card to use in their app before each purchase. If you forgot to change your card, their Back In Time feature allows you to refund the first card and charge the newly selected card, so if you are a points hoarder like me, you have full control. I have my Virgin Atlantic, my Freedom Barclaycard, as well as a few business cards linked to Curve. My credit limit on my new Virgin card is still a bit low, so if I don’t have enough, I can switch it to my Barclay’s, pay for the product, and once my Virgin credit is paid off, use Back In Time to use that card for those lovely airmiles! It also has 0% fees for oversea purchases, using any card.

Sign up, and we will both get £5 once you spend on Curve for the first time.

unfortunately this does not work with Amex.



Want to dip your tows in buying stocks and shares? especially with everything on the market being so cheap due to the pandemic, I use Trading212 as my primary account as it has a free ISA which means I wouldn’t have to pay tax on any of my profits. If you are new, you can practice with a virtual £50000 to see if you are any good.

Accessibility still needs a little work, but the main actions are accessible.

Sign up and we will get a random share up to £100!


FreeTrade (UK only)

Here is an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly app to buy stocks and shares. If you are in the UK and new to investing, I highly recommend this app, you can read my review here.

Sign up using my link and we will both get a mystery stock worth between £3 to £200!

Good luck 🍀


Uber Taxi

Get around by car. A lot of people choose to use public transport, but for those late nights, diverted trains, or just a lazy day, Uber is the number 1 way to travel.
It’s a lot more convenient requesting a ride, and with it’s cheap prices, beats traditional taxis.
Uber operates in over 216 different cities around the world, and if you come visiting London, Use my promo code Uberalexman to get £5 off your first ride!
Or you can sign up to Uber here. (Warning, you must enter this code before your first ride or it won’t work)


If you’re hungry and want a free meal, I mean who doesn’t like free food?
If you already signed up to Uber Taxis above, I got another offer from the same company.
UberEATS picks up the food from your favorite restaurants and deliver it straight to your door.
Choose from Chinese, Indian, Mexican, burgers and more.
The best bit is that you can get your first meal free as I found out  during a day at work when I was broke.
Download the app, sign up, and in the Promotions section, enter my code eats-uberalexman and you get £5/$10 off of your first order!

The Perfume Shop

Smell good no matter the occasion with a range of fragrances for both men and women from top brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Chanel and more; all in one place.
Get £10 off at the Perfume Shop by using this link.
Treat yourself or a love one!


Send large files, create share folders, backup important documents, Dropbox has been the leading company when it comes to cloud storage.
I was able to collaborate with classmates during my university group projects, as soon as someone updates a piece of work, it is instantly updated to all our devices.
You get 2gb of free space, but if you use my invite link, you will get 500mb extra!!
FYI, I already have maxxed free space in referrals, so if someone else wishes to get free space use their link, but using mine will still get you the free space.