Other Projects

You can say I have fingers in many pies, well, virtual pies that is.
I love collaborating with others, check out the list below on other projects I’ve worked on, and if you want to work on something together, just let me know.

Hidden Heroes – oral stories of ethnic soldiers of the Great War

A Heritage Lottery Fund funded project with association with Eastside Community Heritage to find the lost stories of British soldiers of an ethnic difference serving in the First World War.
I had to do extensive research into individual soldiers, hosting and maintaining the website, conducting oral interviews, and producing the audio podcasts.


A Pokémon related YouTube channel, which features mainly competitive battling and a few trivia as well.

1K Ways To Dice: An Actual Play Podcast

Listen to me and a few others as we attempt to play Dungeons & Dragons and other Tabletop RPG games. Hilarious fails and crappy acting is included!