Research on Accessible Advertisement (Win a Amazon Echo or Google Home)

The Unseen Market: The value of engaging visually impaired consumers through accessible digital-marketing and creating an inclusive experience for all consumers that prioritises an integrated approach   Apologies for the long title, but just like my research it is still a working progress, and as I collect and analyse more data, will help me honeRead more

A man dressed in black is trailing a wall. A white cane is in his left hand and his face is an expression of mock confusion. next to him, are the white text; 'HELP ME'

I’m a Blind Guy Traveling All by Myself, Please HELP

I’m a constant traveller and a ten-year patron of Transport For London, and I see things on my travels that I would like to share. And yes, just for authenticity sake, I am writing this as I’m sitting on a tube going towards work. I will be talking primarily about public transport; in particular, howRead more

An image of a mouse curser clicking on a fishhook, with the text "Click Bait'

What Is Click Bait?

This isRead more