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Use your Raspberry Pi as a Torrent Downloader

Ahhhhhh Torrents. For a lot of people, it’s a pirate’s dream, get the latest movies, music and software for absolutely free! But because you’re on my blog and I don’t condone such naughty business… Torrents are also a great way to share files from one computer to another. 😉 It is especially great for downloadingRead more

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Access your Raspberry Pi Files on Windows Explorer

I’m often told that navigating in Linux isn’t the most straightforward of tasks, and typing out commands isn’t as easy as dragging and dropping. If only I could access my Raspberry Pi’s files on my Windows computer… Well good news you can! with a program like SAMBA, you can access your Raspberry Pi’s files fromRead more

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Basic Linux Navigation and Commands for Raspberry Pi

Navigating the Raspberry Pi’s interface and knowing the commands can be quite daunting, it is very different to using arrows, hotkeys and mouse clicks on Windows; but no worries, I am here to hopefully clear it up! This guide is for the Raspberry Pi, but it should work for other Linux platforms.   Basic LinuxRead more

A green motherboard, about the size of a credit card is on a Gray background, with the mounted chips and ports exposed

Take your First Bite of the Raspberry Pi

Welcome to my very first post on all the fun things we are going to do with the Raspberry Pi! If you don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is, it’s basically a very small computer, about the size of a credit card that you can have on all the time as it consumes very littleRead more