Blind Hit – A sample of my female assassin story

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    Blind Hit – A sample of my female assassin story

    Background & Disclaimer

    Ok so I thought I will start with one of the first creative pieces I written. I submitted this as a creative piece for my university before being accepted on the Creative Writing programme, a bit audacious given the nature of the story.
    This was written 5 years ago, and my writing has matured a bit since then, but I thought I will share the original without editing.
    The content is a bit graphic, so this is not for my young readers.
    This is the first chapter of a book that I wanted to write, but not sure what to call or how to continue, so any feedback will be great.
    One day I will revisit this and see if I can do more, but right now, please enjoy and tell me what you think of the first chapter!

    “Chapter 1 deception”

    Shoulder length blond hair, dazzling sapphire blue eyes, delicious ruby red lips, size 36-Double-D and a behind worthy of rivalling Jennifer Lopez’s rear.

    All the looks required to lure and entice men; which is an added bonus in my line of work. Don’t get me wrong, I would venture towards women, but doing a guy seems so more natural to me; and that is how my story begins…

    “Hey there Mr West,” I smiled at the man who could be old enough to be my dad. “I hope I am not too late.”
    “No, not at all sweetheart” he replied, returning my smile. “But who are you? I was expecting Sylvi.”
    “Yeah, she didn’t turn up tonight, so they sent me instead. I am Jessica.”
    For the best of ten seconds he stood there, staring at me, before inviting me in.
    “Come in and make yourself at home.”
    I stepped in, my Stiletto heals clattering on the wooden floorboards. “Nice place you have here.” I gave the place an appreciative look.
    “Oh I do try” he smirked. We entered a well furnished living room, with creamy white sofas, a massive TV, and exotic paintings on the walls.

    “Why don’t you park that beautiful bum of yours on the settee?” I gave him another of my smiles and sat down, where he joined me.
    “So tell me about yourself.” He asked.
    “Well, it really depends on what you want to know.” I teased.” batting my eyelashes at him.
    He gave a dirty high pitched laugh and leaned closer. “What I really want to know is, how did you manage to get such a  gorgeous ass?”
    I giggled and tried not to pull away, as a horrible odour reached my nose. “I don’t know… My mum I think.”
    He laughed again; “It’s not just your ass. Your eyes are stunning as well. It really suits this wonderful blonde hair of yours.” He gently touched my hair with nicotine stained fingers.
    “Thank you Mr West.” He continued to touch my hair as he asked more questions.

    “So, how old are you? “twenty-five.”
    “Oh really? You look like you are eighteen”, Which  is more than what I could say for him; the man looked like he was on the wrong side of forty, with a halo of hair, leaving the centre of his head bald. Thinking it won’t be a good idea to point this out, I merely laughed lightly, and thanked him.
    “You have lovely fair skin, where do you come from?”
    “My dad is Greek and my mum is from Holland.“
    “Half Dutch and Greek eh? Can you say something sexy in Greek?”
    I contemplated for a moment what to say to satisfy him. Finally I uttered some well chosen words for West: “Trava pidena frahti.“
    “Oh what does that mean?”
    “I want to do dirty things to you.” I lied.
    The laugh returned, sounding more like a giggle. ”You sound like a well spoken girl; I assume you grew up in London?”
    “Yes, I was born here actually.
    These questions persisted for the next twenty minutes; “Where did I go to school?”, “Where do I live now?”, “what age did I loose my virginity?”, “how many guys had I slept with?”, “how long have I been in the business ?”, and so on and so on. Someone has obviously watched one too many porn interviews.

    After asking about my sex life and adventures, the conversation drifted back to the physical parts of my body.
    “So tell me, how big are these?” he stroked one of my breasts.
    “They are a 36-Double-d” I replied quietly. He clearly liked what he heard and saw; as he asked me to stand up and reveal more to him. Relieving myself from the overwhelming aroma emanating from Mr West, I gladly stood up and showed him what I have to offer.

    My black dress came off first, as I took it off seductively with my back towards him. I bent down to unstrap my boots when I heard him gasp an appreciative “Wooooow… check you out!”
    I stood up and slowly turned around with nothing but my laced bra and knickers.
    “Do you like what you see?” I teased gently sweeping a lock of hair out of my eyes.
    “Yes.” he rasped, leaning forward. “Come here.”

    I walked back towards him, my bare feet pattering on the cool wooden floor.
    “How tall are you?” he asked, standing up himself.
    “Five eight.”
    It was apparent Mr West was not, seeing that he only reached my nose.
    “That’s a nice necklace you have there.” He commented.
    “Oh, this thing?” I stroked the silver crescent moon pendant above my chest. “Just something my boyfriend gave me.” I said with a hard-hearted laugh.
    “Boyfriend eh?” he started wagging a finger at me, a grin forming on his face, “you naughty, naughty girl. Does he know what you are up to today?”
    I gave him a mischievous smile, “No, he thinks I am still at home.”
    This latest bit of news seemed to excite West even more. In his eyes I am a dirty cheating slut, which is perfectly fine with me.
    He made a sudden grab for me, but I stopped him;
    “uh uh uh, you know the rules of fallen Angels Mr West.” I told him off playfully.
    “Yes, yes, money first. He replied with a hint of irritation. “Stay here I will be back.”
    “Yes sir.” I said sweetly. I sat back down as I waited for him; already longing for the job to be over.
    Two minutes passed. I gave the room another once-over, taking in everything around me; from the door, to the windows.

    He re-entered the room holding a brown envelope; “Here you are babe, all yours.” Giving him my biggest smile yet, I thanked him and placed the money in my handbag.
    “Now Jessica, you’ve got what you need, have you got what I need?”
    “Of course Mr West.” I replied, leaning down, unzipping a Fallen Angels’ duffle bag by my feet.
    “You know the girls at Fallen Angels are here to fulfil our clients’ fantasies.”
    I pulled out a Police woman’s outfit, followed by a pair of handcuffs. The man clearly has a fetish for the women in black, and has requested this form of role-play.
    “Is there anywhere I could get ready?” I asked.
    ”Here?” he grinned.
    “Oh Mr West, you are so bad, that would spoil the surprise.
    His grin widened, “You can use the room next-door.”
    I rose from where I was sitting, clutching the bag; “I won’t be long.” I reassured him. As I passed him, his hand reached out and gave me a hard slap on my semi naked derriere. I winced, and resisting the urge to hit him back, I simply turned back, pouting; “Ow! Hey Mr, that really hurt! I bruise easily.” He just uttered his high pitched giggle, leaned back on the settee and smiled up at me.

    I sashayed out of the room and back in the hallway. I glanced left and could see the front door I passed through thirty minutes ago. It was locked but with the key still in the keyhole.
    Turning right I entered a bedroom. A king-size bed complete with golden headboard dominated most of the room. Setting the bag down on the bed, I closed the door behind me. Drawing out the costume; I first put the bottoms, then the top on. Tying up my long golden hair and clipping it in place with a hair clip; I checked my appearance in a mirror next to the door. I smiled my very first genuine smile since I entered the house, as I remembered those dressing up games I use to play with my sister as a little girl. I stood there for a while, reminiscing on my childhood, our country home in Kent, and my parents. All which ended so sadly and abruptly. I must have been far away, fifteen years ago to be exact; since I did not hear West entering the room. He made me start, as he whispered into my ear; “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all?”
    “Oh! Mr West you made me jump. I whined.
    He chuckled and started kissing the back of my neck and stroking my hair from behind. Experiencing Goosebumps all down my back, I turned to face him.
    “You are so impatient!” I told him off.
    “Well, with such a hot police officer next door, it’s hard.” He moved to the front of my neck, kissing, now and then biting.
    I faked a moan; “You are so bad.”
    He guided me to the bed, hands now all over me.

    Playing my part, my hands started to explore his body. Despite his none too attractive appearance he had a well-toned muscular physique. My hand travelled down south; “Someone is ready for me!” I remarked.
    “I did say ‘its hard’” he chuckled.
    So he thinks he is funny does he? I caressed him through his trousers for a while, before drawing it out. Holding on to him, I reached for the handcuffs with my left hand. “Why don’t you get undressed, so I can put these on you” I suggested with a wink. I felt the content of my right hand strengthen, as he got excited.
    “Yes!” he gasped, starting to undo his belt.
    I lent him a hand, as he was struggling with the buckle and I was starting to feel impatient.

    We both got onto the bed after discarding his clothes.
    “Would you like me to massage you first?” I inquired.
    Clearly wanting to do me now and there; he paused, considering my offer. He nodded, “Yes, why not?”
    Laying him on his front, I started to massage his back. Working on his shoulders first, I slowly worked my way down. Repeating this for five minutes, all the time complementing him on his “Strong and muscular body”, I reached into the bag and dug out a bottle of lotion. The lotion seemed to relax him, since gradually his muscles started to slacken. I took this as my cue to proceed in what I was paid to do and lent forward, whispering into his ear, “You have been a bad man.”
    A muffled giggle answered me and he offered me his hands. Shackling both of them together, I announced, “Mr West I am placing you under arrest…” I must of have played my part pretty well, as he twitched and turned his head around to face me, before letting me finish. I smiled reassuringly at his irate face, with concern written all over it. The idiot clearly thought I was a real copper. I tried again, “Mr West I am placing you under arrest, for being good in bed.” His worried expression dissolved, with a hint of relief in his face, he turned back towards the pillow.

    I smiled to myself, untying the moon pendant from around my neck,, opening it out, leaning forward once more, and with a sweet whisper; “I am dropping the charge due to lack of evidence”. For the last time he tensed up, but it was already too late…

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