Research on Accessible Advertisement (Win a Amazon Echo or Google Home)


    Research on Accessible Advertisement (Win a Amazon Echo or Google Home)

    The Unseen Market: The value of engaging visually impaired consumers through accessible digital-marketing and creating an inclusive experience for all consumers that prioritises an integrated approach


    Apologies for the long title, but just like my research it is still a working progress, and as I collect and analyse more data, will help me hone into common topics and themes.

    On the subject of collecting data, I would really appreciate your help!

    As the title suggest, I will be doing extensive research on how visually impaired people engage with digital marketing and how it is beneficial for companies and organisations to insure their marketing approaches are accessible, because after all, With 12 million disabled people living in the UK, with a spending power of £249 billion a year, it is the largest untapped consumer market.

    This is where you come in,

    Currently I am organising Skype interviews to collect some qualitative data, if you would be interested, please contact me and to say thank you I will be giving away an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini! (rules below)

    All feedback will be confidential no personal information will be included in the paper and I would provide consent forms.

    If you have any questions regarding this giveaway or the research, please contact me.



    1. This giveaway is for anyone who has completed a survey, been interviewed  , or joined a focus group on my research project.
      2. Each person who completes a survey will be given three numbers, , each person who attends a focus group or interview will get 6 numbers, each number is a single chance of winning. There are more numbers given for the focus groups and interviews due to the time spent on them.
      3. If you have attended the focus group you are not eligible to complete the survey nor interview, same goes for those who has done an interview or survey.

    4. Only one person per survey, if I find out that you entered multiple times your entries will be useless to this research, consequently your entries to win will also be revoked.
    5. After the completion of a survey, interview or focus group, I will tell you your numbers and also write them down in a text document. If you’re not interested in winning that’s fine as well.
    6. The closing date for this will be sometime in the Summer, close to the end of my dissertation.
    7. I will choose a participant at random using the site and for transparency, will live stream the draw. I will be announcing the winner’s name and number live. As people are from different platforms and forums, I will do it on my YouTube channel, subscribing is optional as I will be contacting the winner through e-mail or via their preferred form of contact; but you will miss the exciting live stream of the announcement of the winner!
    8. If the winner isn’t in a supported Amazon Echo or Google Home region ? I will send them the money, equivalent value via PayPal. I will not be paying extra for shipping.
    9. I will wait for a week for the winner’s preferred device and colour along with their address. If they fail to respond, I will conduct another live stream and choose another number.
    10. Personal information such as address will be deleted once the product is shipped.

    Good luck! I wish I could give every one of you who helped me a Home/Echo, but I’m just a poor student, so I hope you win!

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